College students are the perfect audience for promotional material. They’re at a time in their lives when they’re most willing to try new things (i.e. whatever you’re advertising) and the vast majority of them love free stuff. Here are 15 of the hottest branded giveaway items for the college student demographic.

1. T-Shirt

branded t-shirt

T-shirts are always popular items, regardless of the demographic. However, college students may appreciate them even more. One more shirt means one more day until they have to do laundry, and that’s always a bonus. These are also among the most visible forms of promotional merchandise.

2. USB Hub

Device charging locations are at a premium on most college campuses. With a USB hub, one outlet or USB port can be used to charge multiple devices at a time. These helpful accessories are great for students who spend most of their day on campus. Nobody wants to be stuck on campus with a dead phone and nowhere to charge it.

3. PopSocket

Whether you understand the appeal of them or not, you’ve likely seen millennials and Gen Z-ers sporting these circular devises on the backs of their smartphones. PopSockets supposedly make phones easier to grip, but they’re also prime branding real estate.

4. Mobile Smart Wallet

Imagine a future in which you don’t need to carry both a phone and a wallet. That future is now. Mobile smart wallets are wallet-like pockets which attach to the back of smartphones so your cards and phone are all in one place. Keep in mind that a mobile smart wallet and PopSocket cannot be used at the same time.

5. Pen


Pens are the tried and true promotional item; they work in just about every situation. College students are continually running out of writing utensils so pens are always appreciated. Additionally, other stationery such as highlighters and pencils are good options as well.

6. Drawstring Bag

Backpacks are for school and drawstring bags are for play. Students are more likely to use these compact, lightweight bags when going to social events such as parties, sports games, and club activities. And the best part about bags as promotional items? They can be filled with other, smaller promotional items and informational pamphlets.

7. Sports Water Bottle

sports water bottle

More and more college students are incorporating fitness into their daily routines. Whether it involves heading to an on-campus gym or rec center, or participating in club sports, an active lifestyle is on the rise. Sports water bottles capitalize on this trend and give tangible value to the users.

8. Sunglasses

Sunglasses are the ultimate promotional item when it comes to form meeting function. Visual appeal and eye protection. What more could a college student ask for? And while the branding space is limited, it’s right at eye level. Just keep in mind that sunglasses are more seasonal than some of the other products on this list.

9. Laptop/Tablet Sleeve

Laptop and tablet use in the classroom is on the rise, and these devices can be damaged while traveling between dorms, apartments, and classes. Help students keep their valuable electronics safe with laptop and tablet sleeves, branded with your logo of course. Remind students of your product or service every time they use their device.

10. Reusable Straw

Being environmentally conscious is all the rage these days, and college students are often at the forefront of such movements. Reusable straws are a great way to capitalize on the push to eliminate single-use plastics, which often end up in our oceans. Show your prospective clients, employees, or members that you care about the long term with this product.

11. Stadium Blanket

Football is the most popular collegiate sport in the US. It’s also primarily played in outdoor stadiums during the colder months of the year. Stadium blankets will keep students warm during the big games while also being highly visible branded products. These can also be used as throw blankets around the dorm or apartment.

12. USB Drive

USB drives

Cloud backups may available these days, but the humble USB drive is still used by many. Computers can crash and internet connections can be lost, but a USB drive will keep backups of papers and projects safe and sound. Some even come with built-in security features.

13. Blender Bottle

Here’s another option for targeting the health-conscious students on campus, blender bottles. Often used for protein shakes and smoothies, these bottles are sure to be a big hit with the campus gym members. However, they can also be used as fashionable, regular bottles for those who only want to appear like they go to the gym.

14. Lip Balm

Effectiveness with male audiences may vary, but lip balm is one of the more popular cosmetic accessories. Thanks to the variety of shapes, colors, and flavors, this is one promotional item which can be customized a bit more than the rest.

15. Earbuds

Go to any college campus and you’re bound to see a large number of students walking around with earbuds in. Music, or other forms of audio like podcasts, are widely used when exercising, studying, or walking between classes. That’s a lot of potential use for your branded earbuds.

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