Everyone likes getting something for free, which is what makes branded merchandise such a great marketing investment. Promotional products are a great way to move your advertising campaign into the offices and homes of both potential and existing customers. Useful products become items that customers use on a daily basis. Consumers appreciate products like branded mugs and pens, which create long lasting and effective brand impressions. Promotional products are extremely worthwhile, providing an excellent return on your investment. Here are three major benefits of branded merchandise for your company.

The Importance Of Branded Merchandise For Your Company

Brand Loyalty

Branded merchandise creates strong customer loyalty and installs a sense of reciprocity. That means giving a gift or item to an individual promotes a feeling that he or she should reciprocate for your kind gesture. This sense of reciprocity increases the chances of your customer choosing you over your competitors, simply from giving them a promotional item. A clear benefit of a branded item is that it builds loyalty long after the conversation is over. Once your customer has the product in their hand they are much more likely to remember the brand associated with it. An overwhelming majority of people who received a promotional item in the last 24 months remember the name of the company. One of the most important aspects of a successful business is to engage with new customers, and promotional products can help extend the conversation. People are much more likely to listen to a pitch if a promotional product is involved. Giving a gift to your potential customer is a great way to start a conversation that could ultimately lead to a sale.

Cost Effective Marketing

Instead of casting a wide net looking for customers, branded merchandise allows you to control distribution and target specific people. This makes promotional product marketing cost less per impression than other advertising. Promotional products can be kept, sometimes for years, and can also be passed onto or seen by other potential customers. When customers use a shirt, hat, mug, or another item with your business name on it, they become walking billboards for your brand. While other forms of advertising are often passive and indirect to specific users, promotional products can often have a much more active interaction with consumers. Branded merchandise doesn’t only impact the person who received the item. When someone sees a branded item being used by a friend or family member, it can be construed as an endorsement of your brand. Branded merchandise can turn customers into ambassadors as they wear and use branded merchandise with your business name on it. This continued usage helps get the word out to multiple people beyond the original recipient. Because promotional products are typically useful items, they tend to be passed along from person to person instead of thrown away. In fact, more than half of consumers will give away an item that they are finished using rather than throwing it away. When consumers pass along your product your brand benefits from increased impressions.

Nearly Endless Options

With so many options it is easy to find products that represent your company and are relevant to your brand. From pens and coffee mugs to toys and cell phone accessories, the possibilities are nearly endless. These items can be tailored to your specific target market and really allow your business’ creativity to shine. Use branded merchandise to create a more personal relationship with customers by bringing a personality to your brand. While pens and mugs are the most common promotional gifts, there are so many different products to choose from. Different themes or company cultures can be promoted through promotional products. A travel company might give out beach towels or flip-flops to promote summer vacations. An insurance company could distribute branded safety products. Build an inventory of promotional products geared towards specific markets. You don’t have to only put the name of your business on your branded merchandise, consider using a catchphrase that brings personality to your brand. With new products always hitting the market make sure to stay on the lookout for the newest fad that you can put your name on.   Take the time to learn what your customers need and then give them a promotional gift that can add value to their lives. Create loyal customers that help you promote your brand with the right branded merchandise. Safeguard by Prime can provide you access to over 750,000 promotional products and apparel, where you are sure to find just the right item. Contact us today and make sure to ask about our current special pricing on seasonal items.

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