Custom labels add an air of professionalism to both your products and your brand as a whole. Customers tend to gravitate toward products which look professional — not products with labels written on in permanent marker. But regardless of what type of impression you want to give to your customers, there are four main reasons to use custom product labels. Custom labels are, as the name implies, highly customizable, high quality, the perfect fit for your product packaging, and hassle-free to manufacture.

Customization is Key

vintage custom labels

The most important thing when it comes to labels is the customization. After all, custom labels are supposed to be custom! You can make your labels look however you want and perfectly match your brand identity. Whether your labels are in full color or black and white, or have a matte or glossy finish, is entirely up to you and your vision for the product.

And if you aren’t quite sure what sort of things custom labels can be used for, here are a few examples:

  • Add you logo to your product packaging — this is extremely important for brand awareness.
  • Include your business and product name on your product packaging — don’t forget to add these!
  • Feature a QR code which takes customers to a page on your website with additional information about the product — this can be a great way to turn one-time customers into brand advocates.
  • List the ingredients used to make your product, especially allergens — you don’t want to get in trouble with the Food and Drug Administration.
  • Present instructions so your customers know how to use your product safely — another must-have for commercial products of any kind.

Quality Products Deserve Quality Labels

You know that your product is high quality, but your potential customers don’t unless you show them. Custom, high quality labels are the perfect way to do just that. Customers are more likely to notice a label which looks professional than one that doesn’t, and they’re more memorable too. So even if a potential customer doesn’t convert right away, your label could be what convinces them to convert at a later date. Labels are often the first thing your customers see about your product, and as we all know, first impressions are important.

Custom Labels are the Perfect Fit

custom label shape

Have you ever seen a label that physically doesn’t fit the shape or size of the package it’s plastered on? It doesn’t look good.

Labels don’t need to all be the same size and shape. Is your product long and thin? Make a long and thin label to fit it. Is your product round? Make a round label instead of a rectangular one. Does your product have an irregular shape? Make a custom label to match it. Many products require custom label shapes and sizes, so don’t settle for a label that isn’t a good fit for your particular product.

Additionally, some products may require specialty labels with differences that go beyond size and shape. Some labels need to have special properties, such as being waterproof, oil proof, UL certified, food grade, etc. A label being the perfect fit for a product doesn’t have to mean it physically fits. It can also mean being the perfect fit for the job.


While you should be invested in your label design, that doesn’t mean you need to invest all of your time and effort into manufacturing the labels yourself. Printing companies — such as Safeguard — will do the work of actually creating and printing your custom labels. This takes a lot of time that you probably don’t have. Rather than printing your labels in-house, outsourcing them for manufacturing keeps both time and costs down. In some cases, you can even have extremely large orders printed at once, and have them gradually fulfilled over time, paying as you go.

In the end, it’s often cheaper to outsource printing jobs than pay one of your in-house staff to do it. Custom printing companies are capable of completing large quantity orders in a limited amount of time, something your intern might not be capable of. And the increase in revenue generated by your custom labels will cover the cost of outsourcing.

Custom vs. Off-the-Shelf

warning label

So now that you know outsourcing your printing is often a better choice than having someone do it in-house, what about off-the-shelf options? Well, for one, they aren’t going to be custom, which is the entire point of custom product labels. But something you may not have realized is that off-the-shelf and custom labels are relatively equal in price, especially when purchasing large amounts. When you think of it that way, a few extra cents per label is a small price to pay for the amount of customizability you’ll be receiving. And can you really put a price on standing out from your competition?


Every aspect of your label can be customized, and they are high quality, fit your product perfectly, and are easily outsourced to a printing company. Custom product labels are vastly more professional than those which are hand-written or off-the-shelf. And this professionalism will increase both brand awareness and sales.

Custom Labels with Safeguard Premier Branding Solutions

If you need custom labels to be printed, contact your local Safeguard Premier Branding Solutions representative today. We’re capable of handling any and all label printing orders, including specialty labels such as those which are weatherproof or food grade.