Promotional product kits, gift sets, item bundles, or whatever else you want to call them are on the rise. These kits of hand-picked promotional products are gaining popularity thanks to the messages which can be conveyed simply by the items found within them. And the great part about these kits is that they can be used regardless of what vertical your business operates within. There’s a promotional kit for every occasion.

Why Create a Promotional Product Kit?

Home Services Kit Card

Promotional products are powerful marketing tools, but they’re even more effective when combined with a marketing strategy which makes full use of them. If you’re looking to take your promotional product marketing to the next level, there’s no better way than to create a kit. However, you shouldn’t just throw together unrelated branded products and call it a day. Your kit should be well thought out, from the packaging used to the items found within.

Does your packaging help convey your marketing message? Are the items related to one another in a cohesive way? Who is your product kit for? And what do they want or need? These are a few questions to ask yourself if you get stuck while coming up with a promotional product kit. Or, you can even elect for a prepackaged product kit based around your industry if you don’t have time to curate a kit yourself.

Promotional Product Kit Examples

There are too many potential promotional kit examples to go through, so we’ve selected four which cover a wide variety of situations.

Realtor Kit

Realtor promotional items kit

Tell your clients, “welcome home!” with a housewarming gift of promotional items they may need around the house. This kit could include things like a bottle opener, flashlight, keyring, and screwdriver/tool set. The bottle opener is probably going to be considered the “exciting” product in this kit because buying a new home is a time to celebrate, but the others all have their uses as well.

The ideal time to give this gift is after you’ve made a sale. It’s a celebratory promotional kit. And the idea behind giving it is that your clients may be more likely to recommend your services to others they know who are searching for a new home if they have something to remember you by.

Home Services Kit

Home Services Kit

HVAC and other home service companies may not be what you first think of when you read the term “promotional product kit,” but yes, even service companies can benefit from these branded bundles. For businesses such as these, promotional kits should include functional items such as scissors, a multi-use screwdriver, files, an ergonomic flashlight, and even a combination marker/box cutter.

Home services kits can be used in two main ways. Either they can be gifts for employees, which would include tools for them to use on the job, or they can be gifts for clients, which would include tools for them to make minor repairs around the house. And when your clients run into a job too big for their promotional repair kit, they’ll know exactly who to call.

Trade Show Kit

Your booth attendees will “be prepared for anything” once you give them a trade show kit. These kits should include things your attendees might need for either travel or meetings. Items include toiletries like toothpaste, gum or mints, a phone battery pack, and headphones. People tend to appreciate gifts which are useful to them, and that’s exactly the kind of value you’re looking to include in a trade show kit.

However, giving these kits out to everyone who shows up at your booth may not be feasible, especially depending on the value of the items you included. To ensure you’re only handing out kits to qualified leads, you may want to require your visitors give you something in return. Having a survey they need to fill out first, or requiring an email address and phone number may be a good way to accomplish this.

New Hire Kit

Employee teamwork

What says, “welcome aboard!” to a new hire better than a kit of company branded items? Okay, a friendly and welcoming atmosphere is good too, but nothing tells a new employee they’re a part of the team like having matching, logoed products just like everyone else. This type of kit is full of items to be used around the office (and beyond!). A pen and notepad, reusable water bottle, retractable ID badge holder, and t-shirt are all good items to include in a kit like this.

New hire kits should be given to new employees either upon the hiring or shortly after — such as within their first week. When employees feel like they’re really part of the team they tend to work harder.


So why should you create promotional product kits? Because they’re great ways to increase the effectiveness of your promotional products by incorporating them in a bundled strategy. And the best part is that you can create a promotional kit for any business type. Car insurance companies could give out highway safety kits with every new plan, health insurance companies could give out first aid kits, and universities could give out new student kits. The possibilities are endless and the effectiveness of your promotional kit is only limited by your imagination. And for those who don’t have the time to hand-pick the items for their kits, pre-made kits are a viable option too.

Safeguard Premier Branding Solutions

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