There are also many new emerging trends that will influence promotional products and their designs this year. Among them are:

  • Technology gadgets
  • Drinkware
  • Eco-friendly products
  • Retail inspired design
  • Creative new materials – bright colors and matt finishes, bamboo, heather…
  • Gift “sets” and “kits”
  • Desktop accessories (yes, they’re back!)
  • Event specific give-aways

Whether your are in the manufacturing industry, healthcare, real estate, or electrical – our products and services cover the gamut! This year we are seeing an array of wonderful new products that follow the biggest trends as mentioned above, and, are suited for your specific industry’s promotional marketing needs. Here are our TOP 10 to get you started and to inspire some ideas:

STRAWS – Sustainable straws: silicone, stainless steel, collapsible, and combinations of both with cleaning brushes and in convenient cases. And if paper is your thing, there is something for you too. Another alternative to plastic straws are the Degradable Paper Straws, which are bio-degradable, recyclable, disposable and eco-friendly, and are available in custom patterns by request. This product is perfect for event give-aways and for the hospitality industry.

SOCKS – Custom socks have been a big hit and great for the millennial set. Wild patterns and colors branded with your logo and packaged with full retail inspired wraps, cans with full color digital printing, or custom boxes. This product is a win for corporate and event promotions, uniforms, or a custom branded product for your store.

BAGS – Whether a backpack, a duffle, a tote, or the new canvas drawstring bag, bags are coming with wonderful-textures, bright custom colored trims, and amazing full color digital printing. A very large assortment of smaller and more feminine backpacks for women are available this year. Silver, gold and rose gold metallics are very prominent as well as a beautiful marbleized effect. This product range has hundreds of uses across all industries.

BUNDLED KITS AND GIFTS – Perfect for a new hires, recruits, and current staff. Employee Appreciation Day is March 1st and Administrative Professionals Day is April 24th. What better way to say you appreciate your new hire on their first day at work than with a welcome kit. From tech kits, to backpacks that can be customized and filled with a premium cotton T-shirt, copper lined tumblers, blue tooth ear buds, wireless chargers, great notebooks and journals, the options are endless. This product trend is great for corporate recruiting and retention and healthcare. It would also make a  great closing gifts for Realtors.

TECHNOLOGY PRODUCTS – Cell phone accessories for the desktop and on the go – Popsockets, Sling Grip, new rings with full color printing, there is a version for everyone. Bluetooth speakers, USBC adapters, QI Wireless Chargers, Custom Power Banks, ear bugs and headphones. Tech combos that combine a Bluetooth Speaker with a water bottle. Just about anything you use for your electronics can be customized! These products are perfect for any industry, great for giveaways, employee kits and creating awareness of your brand.

NATURAL AND SUSTAINABLE PRODUCTS – Wood and glass continue to be very strong with a great assortment of products for the office and home- Coasters made of tree trunks, beautiful serving pieces, great executive gifts and toys for the desk, puzzles, wine boxes, cutting boards and serving pieces. Glass water bottles, and household accessories make from cork. Sustainable materials continue to be in hot demand! This category is ideal for the eco-conscious company.

APPAREL -Flannel, athleisure, heathered and accessories are the hottest trends for Apparel. Companies are increasingly looking to get away from the traditional corporate colors of black and navy and are wanting other, more fashion forward but still neutral colors. Better design and higher grade fabrics are a must in this area for 2019. The trend in apparel is to be able to go to the gym, wear it on the street and go to the office! These trends are perfect for the Corporate Millennial to wear to an event, trade show, or conference and to use in their social media posts.  Full zip Hoodies and Quarter zips have been popular with the guys and tops that have an ease and are flowy have been popular with the younger women. This product is a great for healthcare, corporate and manufacturing. In fact, it is a great choice for any industry from Electricians to Realtors.

DRINKWARE – Tea drinkers, take notice! The trend for this year is around Tea Tumblers with several different versions available. The popularity of the stemless wine tumblers continues. Shorter bottles, copper linings, full sized ceramic tumblers with wooden or cork handles, water bottles made from high-strength borosilicate glass, and award-winning Danish designs with multiple lid designs. And don’t forget the wild Popsicle Flask available in purple and berry red! This product is perfect for just about any industry – B/B or B/C – we are all appreciating the need for water bottles in our work and private lives.

DESK ACCESSORIES – Journals, pens, and accessories for the desk are a main staple year after year. What makes them special this year is upscale design and new materials that you can choose from. This product is ideal for new corporate recruits and executives, and a must for healthcare and hospitality and retail.

POST-IT-NOTES-EXTREME – It’s old-school but they are back! These notes will hold up in hot, cold and wet conditions. They stick to tough and texture surfaces like concrete, raw and painted wood, and tile. This product can be branded for any industry and always a good idea for give-aways at trade shows and events. Ready to start planning your brand activation strategy for 2019? Contact us to talk to one of our reps to help put your promotional products together.

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