There is no better time of the year to drop in and see a client or prospect than now.  During the fun summer months, you have plenty of opportunities to make an impression with a pop-by and leave a small branded gift to say “thank you” with your client. This is a great way to work your database face to face. Plus, the mood is more relaxed in the summer.

If you are not familiar with what a “pop-by” is, it’s simply when you drop in on a client or a prospect unexpected to say hello, drop a card or small gift, and leave.  It’s fun, it builds business relationships, and gives you the chance to greet your client or prospect face to face and even ask for referrals.

Pop-bys will help you build a deeper relationship with people in your database and be a reminder of your services. Leaving a branded gift will leave a nice reminder of you and your services.

While you are there you can get a pulse of what their needs and desires are so you can better serve them. Staying in front of your database is one of the most effective ways to build awareness and garner loyalty for your business. And everyone loves a gift!

Here are a few ideas of great branded gifts you can give:

  • Pop-sockets
  • Pens
  • Sticky Note Pads
  • Key Chains
  • Umbrellas
  • Your Business Card
  • Printed Post Cards
  • Mobile Phone Pocket
  • Water bottles
  • Bags of Candy

It’s almost limitless what you can come up with! Add your logo and you have a branded gift as a reminder of you and your services. 

The rule of a pop-by is, don’t stay long, 10-15 minutes max.  Additionally, bring your business card and a small gift that you can keep on hand in your car that bears your logo and contact information. Most importantly, be sure to follow up with a personal handwritten note.  The idea is to surprise and delight!

If you need ideas for memorable pop-by gifts, contact your Safeguard Premier Branding Solutions Rep, we will help you find fun and memorable marketing items you can leave behind. Get out there and have some fun with this one!

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