Fall has officially arrived, and winter isn’t too far off. So that means two things: The temperatures are dropping and the holiday season is fast approaching! And if there’s one thing which is perfect for both of these things, it’s branded outerwear. Outerwear is a great promotional gift for the fall and winter seasons for both those who receive them and those who give them.

Branded Outerwear Ownership

A whopping 67% of consumers own at least one piece of branded outerwear. But that doesn’t mean the other 33% aren’t interested. Perhaps they’re out there waiting for your company to give them their first piece of branded apparel. Whether you’re interested in the 67% who are already known to appreciate branded outerwear, or the 33% who don’t yet have any, there’s a huge opportunity to be had.

One of the great things about outerwear is that it stays in style much longer than other promotional items. And as we’ll see later on, that helps branded outerwear stick around for a long time. But the key point for now is that people love receiving outerwear as promotional gifts. If that wasn’t the case, the percentage of ownership would be much lower.

Women’s Branded Jackets

women's branded jacket

Now that we’ve established how many consumers own branded outerwear, did you know that 42% of women wear a branded jacket at least once per week? That comes out to a large amount of potential impressions. And while both sexes appreciate the gift of a branded jacket, on average women do more so. This means that if your client base or employees are mostly women, branded jackets make an even better gift.

Lifespan of a Branded Jacket

The average lifespan of a branded jacket is 16 months, with 70% of owners keeping them for over one year. That’s longer than any other promotional product category. So right from the start we see that branded jackets — and other outerwear — are a solid investment. But wait, there’s more!

Once they’re done with their branded jacket, 68% of owners give them away to someone else. When this happens, your branded outerwear gets a new lease on life and generates even more impressions.

But why do people love branded jackets so much? And why do they keep them for so long? There are three main reasons: quality, utility, and attractiveness. 54% of consumers say that the quality of their branded outerwear is why they’ve kept it. Additionally, 48% say the utility the outerwear provides is why they keep it. And 48% also say the attractiveness of the apparel plays a role in their decision to hold onto it. Quality, utility, and style are a powerful combination.

Promotional Outerwear Impressions

promotional outerwear

16 months is a long time for a promotional item to be kept by its recipient, but how many impressions does that translate to? On average, promotional outerwear generates 6,100 lifetime impressions. That comes out to over 380 impressions each month. Depending on the size of your business, that may not sound like a lot compared to what you receive from a single blog post on your website.

However, you need to consider the quality of those impressions. While they might drive fewer total leads than their online marketing counterparts, promotional outerwear drives more qualified leads. People are much more likely to try out your product or service if they see their friend or colleague sporting your apparel than if they were to see an ad for your business on Facebook.

And if we consider the price per impression, promotional outerwear isn’t that far off from digital advertising. At 6,100 impressions, the cost per impression for a $20 jacket comes out to about $0.003. And the higher quality outerwear you give out, the more impressions they’ll generate on average.

Premium Outerwear Brands

Premium brand outerwear

Premium outerwear brands can be leveraged for superior quality and style. Higher quality alone can lead to longer product lifespans, more overall impressions, and happier recipients. Each of these improvements alone is a great benefit, you can bundle them all together by selecting the right premium outerwear product.

Some of the premium outerwear brands Safeguard Premier can print on include Carhartt and The North Face, among others. These brands have established followings and ethos which your company can leverage by printing on them.


Branded outerwear includes more than just jackets. Sweatshirts, hats, scarves, gloves, and more are all included within this category. You may find that some outerwear options work better for your brand than others. While jackets work well for female audiences, it may turn out that hats are the better choice if most of your clients or employees are men. And if your clients are all millennial hipsters, scarves could be popular.

Regardless of who your clients are, it’s clear that outerwear is a great option for promotional gifts. 67% of consumers own them, their average lifespan is 16 months, and they average 6,100 lifetime impressions. But aside from those marketing stats, let’s also not forget that outerwear is simply useful, and that’s something everyone can appreciate.

Safeguard Premier is Your Promotional Outerwear Partner

Safeguard Premier Branding Solutions is an expert in branded outerwear. Are you planning to give branded jackets as gifts to your clients? Or do you want branded pullovers for all of your employees? Whatever you need in terms of branded outerwear, Safeguard Premier can help. Contact your local Safeguard Premier rep for more information on our outerwear options.