A strong brand starts with your business name and a great logo, but there is much more to your brand identity than just the visual impression of your business. Your brand is how your business operates in every detail, from the big-ticket items like your company mission to your employees to every interaction anyone ever has with your business. In short, your brand identity shapes your company. Too many small businesses think that a brand identity is something that only large companies need to spend time investing in. While some might choose to invest in a logo, they fail to really understand what branding is all about. Branding is about the impression you make, and there are many benefits to creating a strong brand identity for your business.

A Brand Identity Makes You Memorable

Whether you realize it or not, your company already has a brand. The question is really whether or not it’s the brand identity that you want. While poor branding impacts your business in many ways, a strong brand identity, used consistently, helps customers remember who you are. The more prospects see your brand, the more likely they will be to contact your business when they need the services or products you offer.

Each time you interact with a prospect you have a chance to make a connection and create a memorable brand experience. While many consumers take the time to research and compare options, others choose whatever they happen to recognize. Businesses who have taken the time to establish strong brands are able to capitalize on this concept of brand recognition. A solid brand identity consists of standardized font, color, and logo choices that are used consistently across all marketing materials.

A Brand Identity Builds Trust

A strong brand that conveys the values of your business can connect emotionally with your ideal customer. This emotional connection makes it easier to develop long-term relationships with your customers, leading to greater customer loyalty. Business success can be achieved with a tribe of loyal customers.

Stability goes hand in hand with building customer trust. Even if you are the most experienced person in your field, not having a professional brand that can convey that impression will be detrimental to your business. A well-defined brand identity projects a long-term feel for those who see and interact with it regularly. Customers place greater trust in more established companies, so eliminate any doubts about your viability by having a strong brand identity.

As an added bonus, customers also expect to pay more for established products and services. Investing in a unique brand identity shows that you take pride in your business and that you are committed to its success. Customers will have a greater trust in you, believing that you can deliver what you say you can.

A Brand Identity Supports Future Growth

There will always be opportunities to introduce new products and services. The ability to listen to customers, anticipate their needs, and create innovative solutions for them is good for business. Often the question for your business becomes whether or not you can afford to introduce something new.

Businesses that have established strong brands, as well as loyal customers, have an advantage for supporting future growth. These businesses can introduce beta products to their loyal customers for feedback and to gauge mass market appeal.

A strong brand identity even helps your business attract the right customers. You want to do business with people who are most aligned with your core values as those are the individuals who will likely become your best customers. A thoughtfully curated brand will simultaneously attract the right customer and detract the wrong customer making it easier for you to close sales and develop long-term customer relationships.

Your strong brand identity works to not only initially attract customers to you, but also to keep them coming back for more. Continue to cultivate those loyal customers with consistent inbound marketing to create enthusiastic followings who want to hear from your business.

A strong brand identity can be a guiding star for your business, helping you make important decisions that create a consistent company experience for customers and employees. Safeguard Premier Branding Solutions knows that branding is the central core to all of your marketing strategies. It’s crucial that you nail your brand identity and accurately portray who you are to your customers.  Let us help you take a closer look at your brand with our brand identity packages. We can help you develop a brand that properly reflects you and your business. Contact us today to talk to a professional and get started!

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