Promotional items that people actually use help make a positive connection between your brand and your prospects and customers. Calendars are one of the most discreet but efficient ways to build brand awareness. If there is one promotional product that everyone needs and uses it is a calendar. Custom calendars effectively advertise your business and keep your company top-of-mind for current and potential customers throughout the year. Custom calendars are not just a useful tool, they are also a fun promotional product that reinforces your brand identity and creates brand recall. With just one calendar you are getting 12 months of marketing. Here are five reasons why using custom calendars to promote your business is a great idea.


When designing your calendar make sure that your brand is prominently displayed on each and every calendar page. This can be as easy as adding your logo, but can also be much more. Your calendar is a place to highlight your achievements, products, and personality to help your clients get to know you better. Make sure that your calendar is well designed, quality printed and finished to make the greatest impact. Safeguard by Prime can help with all of the graphic, layout, and print services you need to create your custom calendar. Use the space in your calendar to sell yourself and subtly talk about the advantages of your business.

Date Reminders

Calendars are made to be looked at literally day after day. On top of that, they have the benefit of being universally useful for months. Take advantage of the useful nature of calendars by using it to relay useful information to customers and prospects that aren’t on a standard calendar. A tutoring company or childcare service might include the first and last of school as well as school holidays. Parents who are in your target audience would appreciate and find these dates useful. Depending on your business you might include game days, concert dates, or recommended dates for gardeners. Every time the prospect sees your brand, they’ll think of you. When it’s time for them to need your product or service that familiarity will ensure your business is top-of-mind.

Tips and Deals

Don’t limit yourself to dates within those calendar squares, monthly tips and deals can go a long way. Customers are easily attracted to discount offers or other product freebies that could help them get deals or save costs. Consider adding monthly specials or coupons to your custom calendar. Coupons and discount codes aren’t the only things of value you can offer on your calendar, monthly tips are also a welcome addition. If you run a fitness studio, you could offer 10% off discount codes, but you could also offer workout tips to help customers. Illustrating product information helps inform customers of the products you offer.


Let your products and services shine. Your custom calendar should be personable and represent your company. The pictures you include need to shine a spotlight on your business. People are more willing to place items on their desks or walls if they beautify their surroundings, so take time to ensure your calendars are well designed and are as creative and beautiful as possible. If you run a pet store adding pictures of furry friends will get a great response from customers. You can even ask customers to submit their own photos for calendar consideration. Remember that calendars also work as personal recommendations. When customers display them in their homes or offices, anyone who walks in can see your brand.

Custom Calendars Make Meaningful Gifts

Giving custom calendars to clients, customers, or even employees, is a terrific way to provide year-long brand exposure and show your appreciation. Different than other marketing materials, promo calendars are considered gifts rather than blatant advertisements. Clients and prospects appreciate the gesture of receiving a calendar, and it’s one of the reasons customers hold on to them for the long-term. If you get into the habit of distributing custom calendars every year, customers will come to look forward to it and expect it, something that proves your marketing campaign worked. Hand out your calendars in person, or have them easily delivered by direct mail.

Calendars are used everywhere, and there are a myriad of options available. You can design custom calendars to list any set of events or dates that your audience would find useful and refer to on a regular basis. Safeguard by Prime can help you with all of the graphic, layout and print services you need to create a calendar that makes an impact. Contact us today to get started on your custom calendar!