From humidors to poker chips to custom dog vests and everything in between, creating your own branded product is only limited to your imagination!

Safeguard Premier Branding Solutions will manage the entire process of procuring your dream product, including sourcing and storage through their overseas vendor partnerships – you won’t need to worry about dealing with foreign companies, customs and export fees. Your Safeguard Premier Branding Solutions rep will work with our partners to find multiple suppliers, negotiate the best prices, give you options, manage the manufacturing process, quality inspection and arrange for shipping to your door.  We act as the importer of record, handle all customs issues, logistics, cargo insurance as well as include any duties in the pricing to you.

Today’s economy demands innovation. Competition is fierce and costs continually rise. Business owners are constantly being challenged to find new and innovative ways to grow their businesses while protecting the bottom line. International procurement and offshore manufacturing – especially overseas sourcing, is possible through Safeguard Premier Branding Solutions. This option can provide small to mid-sized companies with competitive solutions that are cost-effective and efficient. Contact your Safeguard Premier Branding Solutions rep for details.

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